The Pathocracy Behind the Curtain

I intend to offer here what I believe to be another piece to the final key of understanding mass human tragedy. So many brave people have been speaking out against several different negative aspects of our society since time immemorial but I cannot help but feel there is an aspect of folly in such battles without trying to understand the origin of them. We can fill libraries with tomes of genocides, violent conquests, revolutions, unspeakable evils done to children in the names of misguided ideals, et cetera, however we seem to repeat these very same tragic circumstances over and over again. How is it that our very well educated politicians and thought leaders can lead us down these all too familiar paths into darkness? The reality is that the cycle human civilization inevitably results in is the same type of government: Pathocracy. Political science experts argue until their faces turn whatever color they associate with, yet they seem to fail to recognize the telltale signs of a genuinely corrupt establishment that no longer functions any purpose other than to perpetuate its own power. It does not matter if it began as Communism, Capitalism, Democracy, Socialism, or a Republic, corruption finds its way into all forms of organization because corruption has a powerful biological and psychological component. When I’ve presented this hypothesis to others, I was met with severe disbelief, yet when I would ask these detractors to explain cult leaders, murderers and rapists, they could not satisfactorily respond because this is a subject difficult to understand without the proper vocabulary. I will be basing this article off of the incredibly insightful book “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobaczewski. At times I will directly deliver material from the book because our author was a psychologist who lived through a Pathocracy himself, and his descriptions are far more clear and illuminating than I could hope to deliver. I will also be incorporating material from

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